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Stellenbosch is the heart of one of the oldest and best known wine routes in the world.

Situated at 161 Dorp Street, Eendracht Hotel is within walking distance from most of the major tourist attractions, shops, art galleries, antique shops, museums and restaurants in Stellenbosch.

Suggested Itinerary
Stellenbosch is centrally located within easy reach of Western Cape's most sought after attractions. Most of these attractions are within a 60 km radius from Stellenbosch. We have a six-day itinerary available, which you can use.

As Eendracht is in the centre of the historic town, the majority of the best restaurants and cafes (more than 60 in total) are within an easy stroll. Some of these are: Di Joine  (French), Volkskombuis (traditional), D'OWerf (traditional), Bukhara (Indian), Java Internet Café, de Stomme Jonge (Delicatessen), Wijnhuis (international food and wine tasting), Spur (hamburgers).

Drive to some of the restaurants with beautiful settings in the winelands surrounding Stellenbosch. Examples of these are: 96 Winery Road (country dining), Spier (traditional), Tokara (international), The Berry Farm (berry delights).

Stellenbosch Museums
As Eendracht is built in the oldest part of town and also situated in Dorp Street which is lined by most of the historical buildings, it is no wonder that the 5000m2 Village Museum is almost next to Eendracht. The Toy Museum and the Kruithuis are also nearby, to name but a few.

Stellenbosch Wine Route
Stellenbosch is known as the heart of the Winelands for a good reason! The oldest and most extensive wine route - 150+ wine farms in total- in South Africa surrounds the town. More information is available at Stellenbosch Wine Routes.

Art and Culture
Across the street from Eendracht are two art galleries and that is only the beginning. There are more than six well-known art galleries and art museums in town. A few examples are: The Sasol Art Museum, and Stellenbosch Art Gallery.
In Stellenbosch there are no less than six theatres (and 3 of these within walking distance) and auditoriums where you can experience a variety of performing arts. To name a few: Johan Coetzee, The Sasol Art Museum, Endler Hall, Spier Amphi Theatre, Old Conserve Hall.

There are several jewellery manufacturers nearby, like Uwe Koetter. A Diamond cutting works is situated across the street from Eendracht. Here you can observe superior craftsmen trading their skills and acquire export quality diamonds direct from the source.

University of Stellenbosch
The well-known Stellenbosch University is a mere stroll from Eendracht. Some of the highlights are the underground J.S. Gericke Library and the Botanical Gardens. The US sports grounds, Coetzenburg and Danie Craven stadium, are within 5 min walk.

Stellenbosch is surrounded not only by wineries, but also by golf courses! There are five courses near the town, including the Stellenbosch Golf Course (10min drive) laid out by Gary Player. A further seven courses are within 20 minutes drive from town.

Stellenbosch Tourism
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